Conditions of Case Submission

Cases can only be submitted by logging on the system:

Apart from the system, cases sent by email or mail order will not be accepted.

The deadline for case submission is Friday, 23rd February 2018. Case Submission system will no longer be available after this day. Participants who are going to use this online case submission module for the first time should be registered on the system using the “New User” link.


The space for case text on system is limited to 3000 characters except for title and author name. The system will not allow any text longer than 3000 characters on this space.

The typing font used for case submission is automatically standardized by the system for all cases and it is not possible to use another font.

All cases should be formed as to include the following sections: introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion.

The title should concisely address to the content of the study. Each word in the title of the case must be capitalized except for a few words that have a special meaning, such as pH or NaCl. Within the text, a bracket should be opened to write the full name of an abbreviation where it is used for the first time, except for chemical symbols and international units.

cases of the studies consisting of experiments on people, the cases must be approved by the ethics committee and comply with the laws of our country. The cases sent online are printed without any modifications, so any error in spelling needs to be taken into consideration.


case summaries are going to be evaluated on online system and an email for the results of this evaluation will be sent to the address registered on the system from 3rd March, 2017. Users may follow the evaluation process about cases by logging in with their email and password.


Accepted poster summaries must be prepared as “hanging poster” through the case system.

Preparation Rules for Printed Poster

Posters should be of 70 cm of width and 90 cm of height. The posters should be prepared in size that should be read from two meter distance. During the preparation process of posters, the following rules shall apply.Posters should be prepared in accordance with the full text spelling guide as an MS Word document.

  • All letters in the poster should be Arial fonts; at least 26-40 for title, author names and contact addresses, and 16-18 pt for other sections.
  • The poster should consist of abstract, introduction, method, findings, results and discussion sections. Key words and sources should be specified as in the full text of the case paper. Colorful shapes and photos enhancing visibility can be used in color.
  • Poster owners will make poster print-outs.
  • The posters will be hanged on the boards numbered by organization committee.
  • The organization committee will help poster owners hang their posters.
  • Poster owners will be present in front of their posters at the dates and times indicated in the schedule and will provide information on their work.
  • Poster owners will remove their posters at the end of the due time. The responsibility of the posters that are not removed in due time belongs to the owners.



You can contact “LookUs Informations” (+90 216 372 66 44) or [email protected] for technical support or inquiries during submission.